Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cholla Trail at Camelback Mountain

Cholla Trail is what I call the easy side of Camelback Mountain. Easy is probably the wrong term, because the trail offers a hearty workout, though compared with Echo Canyon it's a walk in the park. I often hike here when I don't want to deal with finding parking on the "good side," or when I hike with friends who aren't sure they can make it to the top.

On the plus side, parking is much easier to find. Drive east on Camelback Road to Invergordon Road, turn north, and parallel park anywhere alongside the resort. Beware of parking in a residential area where you could get a ticket, though. Then walk to Cholla Lane, through the neighborhood and to the trailhead. 

You'll see a golf course near the trailhead.
As you ascend, you'll see surrounding homes and resorts.
Whether you hike Echo Canyon or Cholla Trail, you'll be rewarded with the same city views at the top.
You might spot some wildlife, too.