Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hiking Humphreys Trail to highest point in Arizona

It took about 8 hours, but I felt so accomplished for making it to the summit of Humphreys Peak.

Bring enough water and food, along with a sweatshirt or jacket, even in the summer. While the temperature was mild at the base, it's windy as you ascend.
The trail starts at the entrance to Snowbowl.  
It's a 4.8-mile hike to the summit. 

Notice the elevation change on your Humphreys Trail hike.
We took a break upon reaching the saddle to have lunch. We spotted some snow that hadn't yet melted.
At last, we reached the Humphreys Peak summit.

If you make the hike, be sure to leave some in the time capsule for fellow hikers to enjoy. We also signed our names in the guestbook to document our efforts. 

Take your time and soak in the views from the top. Face north and you might spot the Grand Canyon.