Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Estrella Mountain Regional Park

I went on a mountain-biking adventure recently at Estrella Mountain Regional Park in the West Valley. 

The park is a gorgeous setting for mountain biking. You can also hike, go horseback riding, have a picnic, and lots more.

It costs $6 per vehicle to get into Estrella Mountain Regional Park.  The portion of the Coldwater Trail that I rode on seemed easy enough for a beginner like me. Check out the park's trails webpage for trail lengths. Go closer to sunset for gorgeous views.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Question: How did this Christmas tree get on Camelback Mountain?

If you've hiked Camelback recently, you've probably seen this tree. It was an unexpected treat to see it at the top. I wonder, is it still there? How did it get there?

Camping in Sedona

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Somewhere just off Forest Road 525 near Sedona, Graham and I found a gorgeous site to camp. It was so scenic that we found we were on the path on which many Jeep tours take tourists. We waved to passers-by as they admired our campsite. We just so happened to camp on a free weekend, but otherwise, be sure to get a Red Rock pass, which I believe are $5-6 and sold at many gas stations and stores in Sedona. You are provided with a newsletter that has a map of where you can camp with the pass.

The next morning, we also awoke to see hot-air balloons overhead. It looked like the balloon was descending, so we rushed over to take a look and some photos. It was a more welcome surprise than the howls of coyotes the night before.

The views from this camping area are gorgeous each morning and sunset. I recommend this over other popular Sedona camping sites because you have more privacy.

Foggy, beautiful Sedona sunrise

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