Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring training 2012: Milwaukee Brewers vs. Texas Rangers at Maryvale Baseball Park

It alternated between sunny and cloudy on March 18.

I checked out Maryvale Baseball Park as part of my quest to watch a baseball game at each of the spring-training stadiums in the Valley. The game was fun to watch while it lasted. Being rained out of a game is a first for me, especially during March in Phoenix, when I usually complain of the temperatures being a little too high after an afternoon of sitting in the sun. But one thing lacking at the stadium is any shade cover, which would have come in handy when the crowds rushed out of the stands in search of respite from the rain. And because it wasn't immediate clear where to park, or maybe to avoid paying for parking, some people just parked on a neighboring street or empty lot next to what appeared to be an empty building.