Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Return to Havasupai waterfalls

I went back to my favorite place in Arizona to camp, the waterfalls of the Havasupai Tribe. There's no place more beautiful and remote in the state.

It's a 10-mile hike to the campsites from Hualapai Hilltop. So you'll need to fuel up. Bring lots of water!

With a heavy backpack filled with all your belongings this can be a grueling hike. Many people pay the fee to have their packs carried down by mules, while others ride horseback.
You'll see lots of these on the trail. They have the right of way, too.
While this sign says you're almost there, you must still get to the tourist office and then hike 2 miles to the campsites.
But it will be worth it.

I highly recommend paying the $85 fee to be helicoptered out!

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

ChildHelp Run the Course 5K

Partly to stay in shape after Pat's Run and mostly to help a good cause, my friend and I signed up for the Childhelp Run the Course 5K at McCormick Ranch Golf Club in Scottsdale on April 29. The race was meant to raise funds for Childhelp, a non-profit that helps victims of child abuse and neglect.
A reminder of why we were running. These 70 pairs of shoes represent the 70 children who died in Arizona in 2010 due to neglect or abuse, according to Childhelp.

 It's by far the smallest race I've participated in, but it wasn't short on fun and beautiful views. The course looped around the golf course twice, a short loop followed by a longer one. There couldn't have been more than 150 people running, by my guess. It was a nice contrast to the crowded course at Pat's Run. After the race, we enjoyed freebies at the festival and had brunch at the clubhouse with views of the golf course and Camelback Mountain. Couldn't have asked for a better Sunday morning.