Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Grand Canyon weekend trip

It was a grand weekend. We took advantage of fee-free entry into national parks Sept. 29 to visit the Grand Canyon. I loved the change in temperatures and scenery on the drive there.

Somewhere on Highway 180

Many volunteers devoted their time that day to help with projects such as picking up trash. I admired them and hope to join in a future project.

These canyoneers picked up litter blown, or thrown, into the canyon. Apparently there is a big problem with people throwing coins, which animals may ingest.
The views were incredible as always.

It was a nice day for hiking the Grandview trail. I would like to hike all the way down to the river on a future trip.

A plein air painter tries to capture the canyon's beauty.
Desert View is my favorite lookout because you have such good views of the Colorado River.

Inside the historic lookout tower.
On the way back to Grandview to watch the sunset, stop by the Tusayan ruins and museum.

The best part? Sunset.

Next time, I want to bring my mountain bike to ride around instead of driving or taking the shuttle.