Thursday, January 10, 2013

Snorkeling at Honolua Bay, Maui

My final day in Maui started in Kaanapali. The first thing on the agenda was to get one last snorkeling session in.

Based on online research, Honolua Bay is one of the best snorkeling locations on Maui. We had to check it out. 

We drove north to the remote Honolua Bay, which from what I had read would be a challenge to find. We weren’t sure if we would see where to stop until we noticed some cars parked in dirt on the side of the road. This had to be it, we said.

We walked along the short trail -- spotting chickens along the way -- to the rocky beach.

A sign along the way offers good advice.

It was a quite cove with calm water, barely a ripple could be seen. There were maybe eight other people in the water with us.  I was thankful for my water shoes, as they helped avoid walking on the sharp rocks.

The early morning sun was partially blocked by the trees, which made for a chilly morning, but I felt better once fully immersed in the water. I brought my trusty inflatable tube so that I wouldn’t get too tired from swimming.

The water was clear that day, and we immediately spotted various fish. I wished I had brought a snorkeling guide book to identify our sightings. People aren’t lying about it being an ideal spot for snorkeling.

When it was time to depart, I stayed in the water until it was extremely shallow, mostly to avoid being cold. It was then that suddenly a turtle that had been just a couple of feet below us bolted away, kicking up dirt and clouding our view. I barely missed it, though my companion did not. This was the only turtle sighting I can report from that day, though at this point I was all snorkeled out from the rest of the week. We didn’t explore too far, especially the rocks on the right, where I suspect one would have better luck spotting fish and turtles.

I’d add this Maui snorkeling location to the list next time. I would suggest bringing to Maui or buying your own set of snorkeling gear to avoid paying for guided trips (with the exception of Molokini), unless you’d prefer the professional advice and transportation.

Have you snorkeled at Honolua Bay? Isn't it just so peaceful?