Monday, January 28, 2013

Rainy-day run on Murphy's Bridle Path

From gray and gloomy to rainy and muddy to sunny. Simultaneously, I went from tired and unmotivated to exhilarated and inspired. The weather in Phoenix on Sunday made running on Murphy’s Bridle Path a rewarding experience.

It has been difficult to get motivated to run in recent uncharacteristically stormy weather. Whatever pushed me out the door that day ­­— mostly guilt from gorging on nachos, a pretzel with cheese and chocolate-covered pretzels the day before — I’m glad I ran.

The skies were mostly cloudy at first, but the sun’s rays managed to peek through. 

I hit the 2.5-mile mark just north of Northern Avenue and felt the number of droplets start to increase. I decided to turn back, and soon I found myself running through a short-lived deluge.

I spied Graham riding his bicycle down the trail in my direction. He had come to check up on me and found I was having a swell time getting drenched. Runners going in the opposite direction would laugh and give me a look of understanding as if to ask, “Isn’t this fun?”

I entrusted him with my cellphone, which I carry in an armband as my music player, to protect it from the rain. But the instant he rode off, I noticed a vivid rainbow to the east, over Piestewa Peak. Then came the pangs of remorse.

I wish I could have captured the view. But I’d like to think of the rainbow as my reward for running.

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