Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Spring training 2013: Arizona Diamondbacks vs. Chicago Cubs

Spring training and I got off on the wrong foot this year.

It started when my friends and I went online to buy tickets to see the D-Backs play the Cubs at Hohokam Stadium. At $9 for lawn seats, the game seemed to be the most affordable option in the East Valley that day. Plus, it’s the Cubs’ last season there, so it seemed like I should pay the stadium a goodbye visit. But after a $3.25 processing fee and a $3.75 convenience fee, the ticket cost almost twice as much.

I was already starting to regret picking Hohokam, which is a bit of a drive from central Phoenix and doesn’t have free parking. Stadium parking is $7, but we found a sign for $3 dirt-lot parking on Center Street, across the road from the ballpark.

Lastly, when I bought food, I’m pretty sure I was overcharged. The sign clearly said fries were $4 and extra cheese $1. But somehow I ended up paying $6, even when I pointed that out to the man at the counter. When I asked why $6, he said, “That’s just how it is.” Great service.

Once we sat down and got into the game, basking in the sunshine on the warmest day of the year, the minor troubles and annoyances we encountered to get there melted away.  

The view from the cheap seats.
Postgame shot of the field.
It doesn’t get much better than being surrounded by friends, munching on ballpark food and watching the Diamondbacks beat the Cubs (although I did a lot more people-watching than game-watching). All was forgiven, but next time I will stick to my usual stadiums, Camelback Ranch Glendale (which even has free parking!) and Salt River Fields