Monday, April 8, 2013

Rave Run 2013

I went to a rave last night. It was the after-party for the Rave Run in downtown Phoenix.

As I quickly realized, this run was more about the rave than running. Runners were decked out in glow-in-the-dark gear and outfits in all colors of the rainbow.

It seemed to be a popular run, though somewhat unorganized. I couldn't discern what an announcer was directing the runners to do just before the start time. The crowd seem to just hang out in the general starting area until the mass started to move forward and eventually it was our group's turn to start (closer to 9 p.m. than 8:30, the official start time). In fact, the runners around me took off just about when the first runner was crossing the finish line.

But who joins the Rave Run to win it? I suspect most people were there to have a good time. Lights illuminated the street of downtown Phoenix and the sound of bass injected energy into the crowd. Spotlights spelled out "The Rave Run" on buildings and a lawn. As runners and walkers approached speakers blaring different techno songs they would burst out into impromptu dance parties and let out cheers. Many stopped to pose for pictures to likely post on social media. Some got a kick out of cheering and dancing outside the windows at US Airways Center, where a high school was hosting its prom. Bewildered teens in sparkly gowns and tuxedos stared and laughed and wondered what was going on.

In no time we reached the midway post, a tunnel lit up in multiple hues through which everyone stopped to walk and take more photos. Just before then was the only water station. Anyone, like me, who ran the entire course had to weave through hordes of walkers and strollers, which kind of added to the craziness of it all.

The best part of the event was the after-party, a "rave" on the lawn just south of the finish line. A DJ played everything we didn't know we'd want to hear and dance to at the moment, and lights mesmerized the crowd. We danced and jumped and sang along. Overall, for the $25 I paid through a local deal, I'd say it was an entertaining night, with an added bonus of great exercise.