Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Upcoming Adventures

Life has gotten in the way of adventures recently. Luckily there are getaways on the horizon.

This week: Louisville, Ky., and Red River Gorge. I've heard it's gorgeous and can't wait to hike there. Plus, we are going to a sunset wedding at an overlook. It should be beautiful.

May: Camping. We haven't decided between Death Valley, Calif., and Zion National Park in Utah. Death Valley, you ask? A visiting friend is dying to go there and I've never been, so why not? And there's a good chance we'd stop in Las Vegas on the way. I'm rooting for our other option, Zion National Park. Utah has been running television ads for the Mighty 5: Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, Bryce Canyon, Arches and Zion. I've added all of these to my travel list -- the views look stunning.

June: Havasupai Falls. This will be my third camping trip to Havasu Falls. I'm excited to go in a larger group than the previous two times. I'm also hoping to make it to Beaver Falls. There may also be another weekend trip at the end of June, location TBD.

July or August or September: the D.C. area, but it has to be during baseball season. My bucket list calls for going to all 30 major-league baseball stadiums in the country.

Sometime this year: Please, please, please take me to Hawaii.

And I still want to find Grand Falls in northern Arizona.