Thursday, May 23, 2013

Wildflowers in Sedona

As if the red-rock formations weren't scenic enough, our campsite in Sedona last weekend was surrounded by bright-hued wildflowers.

We camped along Forest Road 525 again, which we accessed from Arizona 89A. Few vehicles passed our site, mostly Pink Jeep Tours. You can camp on the left side of the road; most people didn't travel far on 525 to choose a campsite. But if you continue on 525 toward the Honanki Ruins, there's a much more secluded, gorgeous spot complete with two firepits and amazing views.

I spotted wildflowers in red, yellow, white, orange, pink and purple.

Follow these signs to a fantastic camping spot.

At this sign we went to the right of the fork.

At this sign we went left. 

After sunset, we could hear an owl nearby (but luckily no coyotes this time). It was as if the owl was speaking to us.

The only other animals we encountered were grazing cows on the right side of Forest Road 525.

We spotted a cave and decided to try to climb into it. It appears others have done the same, as there were signs of fire inside.

A video captures the view from outside the small cave.


I can't think of a more perfect setting for weekend fun.