Sunday, September 22, 2013

D.C. recap: My first Washington Nationals game

I remember watching Bryce Harper play with the Scottsdale Scorpions during Arizona Fall League games three years ago. Crowds would gather near the dugout in hopes of getting an autograph from the then-18-year-old player, yelling out "Mr. Harper! Mr. Harper!"

The memories of Fall League games with a dear friend were on my mind as I watched him play with the Washington Nationals over Labor Day weekend. We created new memories that night.

The Diamondbacks have their Legends, and the Nationals have the Presidents. They race around the field, too, only one of them was in cahoots with the grounds crew, who held the other presidents back so he could win.

As we walked away, Abraham Lincoln came up from behind us, breaking us apart with his body as he hurried away. I wonder where he was going in such a rush ...

We sat in the upper level so we can catch a glimpse of the Capitol from the stadium. Our seats didn't exactly have a view of the Capitol, but we didn't have to walk far to see it.

It was a little hard at first to cheer for a team that's not the D-Backs, but like my home team often did this season, the Nationals rallied to beat the Mets, rewarding fans who stayed. Also, kudos to the Nationals players for great at-bat songs.