Monday, October 14, 2013

Yoga on my mind

Thoughts on yoga, meditation

As one of our yoga teachers keeps reminding us, the 200-hour yoga-teacher training just scratches the surface, and it’s up to us to research more on our own. So I’ve been looking up meditation techniques and scripts online that I’d like to personalize. I ordered the book "Happy Yoga," which at least two people have recommended recently. I’m also trying to practice at home every day and as often as possible in the studio.  

I have committed to try a few minutes of meditation each day, but I've had mixed results. We were told we might see a difference after 30 or more days of doing it. I am finding that it helps to immediately meditate when you wake up, sitting up (not in bed), before you think to do anything else. If I start doing other things, like cleaning, eating breakfast, or watching TV, I probably won’t get to meditating. On one of the days I meditated and practiced yoga at home last week I noticed that I had a smile on my face for the entire day. I was more likely to say hi to strangers and ask how they were doing. And I was more chatty than my usually introverted self. It'll be interesting to see if that continues to happen.

When I practice at home, I told myself I need to be doing at least 20 minutes. Lately it’s been more like 30-40, but some days I wake up late and have to skip it before work. (Keep me accountable!)  I just flow in whatever way feels good. I’m working on hand stand against a wall, too. I’m hoping daily practice will help me release my fear and build core strength. Besides confidence in my public speaking those are the areas I most want to work on.