Thursday, October 3, 2013

Yoga-Teacher Training: Week 4


Last week was a practicum week, meaning that instead of lectures we attended a class at Sutra. Tuesday’s class was over at 7, so the girls decided to meet up at The Yard for some bonding over dinner. It was nice to spend time together outside of the yoga setting and learn even more about them.


Lecture centered on vital anatomy, specifically the types of muscle stretching in yoga. I then grabbed a quick lunch at Wy Not Café before our studio time. The next four hours were spent adjusting each other in seated poses. We did so many forward folds that we felt euphoric afterward. It was nice to both practice adjustments and have adjustments done on us. There was a portion of the class during which we warmed ourselves up by flowing in whatever way we wanted, which I looked at as good practice in coming up with my own sequences and seeing what feels natural to do after each pose.


Our lecture on meditation styles including practice various techniques. Meditation is not only sitting meditation but can be other things we enjoy, like hiking, running, working, anything. For me it’s being outdoors, especially when Graham and I are camping and hiking.

During our studio time I discovered that something in me had changed. Yes, I was a little nervous, but I had a lot more confidence. I led the class from downward-facing dog through a warrior sequence on the right side, and I felt great about it. When I was done I received some positive feedback that made me feel like a million bucks. I then led the class from Warrior 2 to Ardha Chandrasana, which was a little more difficult to do the first time. When I tried it again I focused on what my body was doing first and then gave out cues. That made leading much easier. Now I need to hang on to this confidence!