Sunday, November 17, 2013

Yoga Teacher Training: Week 10

These past 10 weeks have flown by. When I signed up for yoga-teacher training, three months seemed like an eternity. I'm now realizing how the program just scratches the surface of yoga, leaving so much more to learn.

Tuesday and Saturday 

Tuesday was a practicum night, so we took a class instead of our usual lecture. Saturday began with more on naturopathic medicine, followed by two hours of asana mechanics, where we went over backbends, and two hours of asana method in which we each taught a portion of a power flow class. Some of the feedback I received was that our teacher liked how I finally called out for an audible sigh and that I dimmed the lights as we started to cool down. I was told I need to work on my Titibasa call-out and flow Crow into the sequence better. Our teacher commented on how I have soothing voice; I just need to project more confidence.


Sunday Funday began with a session on the benefits of massage therapy. The first thing I wanted to do afterward was make an appointment to get a massage. It opened my eyes to seeing massage as more of a healing art rather than a luxury. Then we had a session on anatomy and the asanas, followed by two hours of workshopping backbends and heart openers in anticipation of a backbend workshop the following weekend. Our homework: Teach a class in groups of three or four. My part was the cool down/savasana, which I haven't done before. 

It's getting down to the wire!