Friday, November 8, 2013

Yoga-Teacher Training: Week 9

This is super late. Yoga, work and prepping for visitors put me so behind on blogging. There are now only three more weeks of training, and I'm thrilled/terrified.

Tuesday was our second discussion of the yogi lifestyle. We learned the twelve habits of a yogi and discussed which we most want to focus on. My No. 1 focus throughout this year and especially the training has been to maintain a positive attitude. It's the most difficult thing in the world sometimes. We as a society are so programmed to be negative. When people talk about their relationships or jobs, they tend to say the things that annoy them. Lately Graham has been reminding me of when I am only seeing the negative by saying "First world problems." It's a silly reminder that my stresses are really nothing compared with the real struggles many people face.

That Saturday I observed a Power class and was able to adjust in Downward-facing Dog, Pigeon and Savasana. I jotted down about two and a half pages of notes and cues. I'm glad I was able to get my hands on people to practice adjustments. Later, during training, we attended a class at the studio instead of our usual lecture. The final four hours were for discussing the characteristics of a class, the bell curve, transitions and other teaching fundamentals. Then we had some teaching practice in the studio.

I started Sunday by teaching my sister and cousin yoga. I led a slow beginner's class that they seemed to enjoy. We want to make this a regular class every week or so. Training started with a class at the studio, followed by four hours of Power Flow. We first went over what the basics of a Power Flow class are, but really the best way to learn that is to practice, so that's what we did. We would flow through parts of class, take notes, then flow again. We had plenty of time to play around with arm balances, inversions and advanced variations of poses. I went home exhausted that night but it was so fun!