Monday, March 24, 2014

Finally checked out Phoenix Municipal Stadium

Better late than never. I finally went to a spring-training game at Phoenix Muni. I've now been to all Valley ballparks except the new Cubs stadium in Mesa. (But I'll wait on that one until next year.)

Chicago Cubs vs. Oakland A's

I really liked being able to see the Papago Buttes from our seats.

Next year the Oakland Athletics are moving to Hohokam Stadium in Mesa. ASU is taking over Muni, which should be good for the school's baseball program. (And for me, because it'll be closer to my house than Tempe.)

If I had visited Muni before this year I'm not sure how often I'd return. Here's why:

  • Food options were limited. I saw nachos, peanuts, hot dogs and pizza, among other options, but no garlic fries(!) or non-traditional offerings like some of the other stadiums. 
  • Few registers accepted credit cards. And the line I was in was so long that I missed two innings buying nachos.
  • Parking was $5. Free is better.
But those views sure are nice.