Saturday, April 5, 2014

Lola Coffee at The Yard

UPDATE: Lola Coffee is gone. The coffee shop closed months ago and will soon be a Mexican restaurant. More on that later!

I'm thrilled about the new coffee shop that just opened up in my neighborhood. Graham and I can walk there for coffee and pastries, and I'm sure we'll do so a lot before the weather heats up. There's also a drive-through available from 6-10:30 a.m. But if you need your latte in a hurry after that time, stop by the walk-up window to place your order.

This morning I tried an iced chai and frittata, while Graham ordered a 20-ounce drip coffee with a chocolate croissant.

The decor was a mix of modern and vintage. I was obsessed with the chandelier hanging over the tables. You'll also find a bookcase and another seating area inside. To the south there's a bar area with various wine options to choose from, too.

 Take advantage of the outdoor seating while the temperatures are under 90 degrees.  I'm sure we'll spend more time in this gorgeous space.