Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Camping at Blue Ridge Reservoir

Last time we tried to camp at Blue Ridge Reservoir near Strawberry we were thwarted by road closures. Luckily, Graham and I were finally able to check it out last weekend. We didn't bring the canoe because this was a short camping trip, but next time it is a must. There is a ramp for boat loading, and most visitors had their kayaks and canoes in tow. This time we were content to let our dogs play in the water to cool off.

Taylor loves to fetch sticks thrown into the water.
The access road was popular with campers on Saturday. Typically we like to camp away from the forest road, but we found a decent spot just before the area where camping is prohibited. My only gripe was the abundance of mosquitoes. No amount of insect spray would keep them at bay, and I took home several bites, including one on my forehead. It was worth it for the quality relaxation time, though!

I love watching the changing light shining through the trees.