Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Maui Wedding: Getting Ready for the Big Day

I've been reliving our wedding day by looking through our photos. People are right when they say it all happens so fast. I'm glad I let myself feel all the emotions that came with the big day: stress, excitement, happiness, love, gratitude — all of it.

Maui wedding photos

After snorkeling, we went back to the hotel to get ready. Graham worked tirelessly to take care of everything that came up so I wouldn't stress out. He sent me over to my maid of honor's hotel room to get ready and asked her to order lunch for me. My sister, mom and nephews also helped out by going to the venue early to set up and deliver the leis.

As I waited for my hair and makeup appointment, my stress became excitement.

Maui wedding photos

My flowers were delivered just before the photographer arrived, but they weren't what I was expecting. I had chosen light pink and coral roses with white dendrobium orchids, but the light pink roses weren't available, according to my wedding coordinator. The florist instead used roses that were a little darker and more purple. I had a choice to make: I could let it ruin the moment, or I could just accept what couldn't changed at the last minute. The bouquet was beautiful as it was, so I decided to not make a fuss about it.

My bridesmaids tended to my every need, made me laugh and showered me with compliments. They are the best!

They helped me put on my dress.

And I slipped on my shoes.

I wore Flora by Gucci perfume, to match my new last name.

Meanwhile, Graham had gotten ready in another room.

The wedding day card I gave Graham. 
(I purchased Graham's card from Natty Michelle on Etsy.)

Graham looked so handsome in his Calvin Klein suit. 

The flowers did look nice with his suit, though.
Ready or not, it was time to head to Gannon's Restaurant in Wailea for our ceremony.

Wedding photos were taken by Jana Morgan Photography.