Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wedding Day Snorkeling in Maui

Our wedding day came and went much too quickly. I woke up after finally getting enough rest to find Graham was gone. He had woken up early to purchase pineapples for our wedding table and get me an iced Granita from Lava Java in Kihei. There was a beautifully written letter waiting for me on the bathroom counter. I couldn't believe the day had arrived!

This was actually the first time in a long time I was too nervous to finish my food.

He had also brought back a newspaper, because he knew it was important to me. And he had ordered room service — oatmeal with fruit and a breakfast wrap. His thoughtfulness knows no bounds.

We exchanged wedding gifts that morning. I gave him a card and a watch, and I played for him a video I made of our photos. He was so touched. The day was off to an emotional start, to say the least. His gift to me was my wedding jewelry: a single-pearl necklace and matching earrings. They were exactly what I wanted to wear.

There were some stressful moments after that as we tried to corral friends and family and get them to the beach for snorkeling. Graham is my rock when I start the spiral of anxiety. (Yet another reason I married him.)

Snorkel Bob's outfitted us with our snorkel gear and gave us recommendations for snorkeling in the area. Their suggestion to go to Maluaka Beach was spot on. The water was clear and calm and we saw turtles!

Graham's turtle selfie :)

Spending some time at the beach with our wedding guests was the perfect way to start the day's festivities. Before long it was time to start getting ready!

**** Note: My wedding trip/honeymoon recaps have been out of order. I've been writing about them as I get inspired or as I get my photos in order. I've been holding off on wedding updates because I don't have my photos back from the photographer yet. I'm hopeful those will come to us this week.