Tuesday, October 14, 2014

South Point, Hawaii

I daydreamed about cliff-jumping in Hawaii for months, but I didn't take the leap. It all sounded swell until I remembered the time I cliff-jumped in Sedona and injured myself. It felt as though I had broken my sternum and I was sore for almost a week.

The drop from Ka Lae (South Point) is 40 feet, or so I've read. Maybe someday I'll summon the courage, but on the day Graham and I visited I was content to just stare off toward Antarctica. (South Point is in fact the southernmost point in the United States.) I watched waves crash onto the rock walls in the distance as Graham contemplated a jump. A day earlier, our kayak tour guide had offered these sage words: "If the local boys aren't jumping, don't do it." We didn't see anyone swimming or jumping that day, so of course we heeded the warning. Although, the wind seemed almost strong enough to push me over the edge.

Several fisherman were set up around the cliffs.

To get there, take South Point Road for 12 miles off Mamalohoa Highway. It's a narrow road that takes you past windmills and ranch lands. In the same trip you can drive, get a ride or hike to PapakĊlea Green Sand Beach.

Our kayak tour guide also mentioned the blow hole he had jumped into. I can't imagine anyone doing this!

Have you been to South Point? Would you jump off?!