Sunday, November 2, 2014

Perfect Weather to Visit the Phoenix Zoo

Today's weather was perfection. I could hardly contain my excitement! Graham had the best idea for how to take advantage of it: a zoo day!

Lots of families had the same idea. We heard more than one child ask why the birds were in cages. "Why can't they fly?" We loved overhearing those interactions between children and their parents.

It was the most active we have ever seen the animals.

I loved the rose garden.

Next we visited Graham's favorite animals.

The desert animals were also especially active. The Mexican gray wolves were running about their enclosure while zoo workers worked inside. 

The bobcats were just so beautiful.

The coati came up to say hello.

If you look closely at the surrounding buttes, you might spy some bighorn sheep.

The giraffes became more active as the day warmed up.

We ended up walking 3 miles on a gorgeous day while admiring the wildlife. The zoo never gets old!