Monday, December 29, 2014

Week 1 of Marathon Training and a Usery Mountain Hike

Somehow I managed to drag myself to the running trail for training. This is what it was like to return to running after a month off.

Run No. 1: 3.01 miles.
Slow and steady. I loved running in my new long-sleeve athletic top my aunt sent me. It has thumb holes! I was surprised at how chilly it was, even after my body warmed up from running. I had no need for sunglasses, but I should update my playlist. The trees along my running route are turning yellow, and it feels like fall must feel elsewhere in the country. Let's hope I can keep this (training) up!

Run No. 2: 3.15 miles.
Another slow and steady run. It was Christmas Eve, and I was a tad hungry. I had already missed a run the day before and a holiday feast loomed, so I knew I needed to run. The brightness of early afternoon for some reason slows me down. I think I am more of a night-run person. For someone who grew up in Phoenix I am not tolerant of the warmth, at least while running. My average pace was a bit faster.

Run No. 3: 2.1 miles.
I tried out my Garmin VivoSmart with the heart monitor. I didn't have it properly configured so I had to stop and walk for a bit while I tried to figure it out. The breeze felt so nice as it brushed against my skin. I need to remember to run with sunglasses. I felt too heavy to run fast — I have some holiday weight to lose. It wasn't until I was done that I realized how to use the Garmin. But I love my Christmas gift!

Run No. 4: 2.92 miles.
I tried out my Vivosmart again. It was so much easier to tap on the wristband than mess with my phone in my armband. I also figured out how to make Spotify my default music player, so I can tap my Garmin again when I want to change the song or the volume. I love this! My Garmin tells me my pace was 9:26 per mile, my best in quite some time. I have been so slow lately as I try to get back on track. I was a little cold in my shorts and T-shirt. I forgot it's cooling down this weekend in Phoenix; I probably should have worn a long-sleeve shirt. Anyway, I think being cold helps me run faster, because I wanted to get it over with!

Workout No. 5: 3-mile hike.
I hiked about 3 miles round trip on the Wind Cave at Usery Mountain Regional Park with Ashley of Perfectley Peared. We finished our workout in an hour and a half, including time at the top to snap some photos. The trail is beautiful! The weather was chilly that morning — the overnight low was 32 degrees. But the hike was a great workout with expansive views of the Valley. I will be taking Graham there soon.

Week 1 mileage: 14.18 miles.