Tuesday, February 10, 2015

6 Ways Runners Can Use Pinterest

1. Find training programs, playlists and tips. Runner's World and Women's Running are just two of the thousands of pinners providing useful content about running. I try to stick to sources I deem credible, but you can follow anyone you believe has helpful information.

2. Test out recipes. Healthy eating is an integral part of training. An increase in exercise doesn't justify eating junk food every night (Sorry, folks!). Seek out recipes that help satisfy your hunger in a smart way. Countless graphics list ideas for pre-race foods. Use them as inspiration to test which fueling methods work best for you.

3. Search for cool races around the country and world. Looking for your next race? Use the search method to find themed races such as mud runs, relays, and color races. There's no shortage of lists of best marathons and half-marathons, either.

4. Get motivation through quotes. Chances are you follow a pinner who routinely pins quotes. Create your own inspiration board to peruse when you need a boost of motivation.

5. Shop for running apparel and gifts. Find the proper attire for the season's weather, look for fashionable clothes to fit your personality, or simply replace your aging running apparel. You'll often find reviews and lists of the best new gear or running shoes as well.

6. Share your accomplishments and lessons. Take part in the conversation by sharing your own blog posts or infographics with your followers.