Monday, February 23, 2015

Marathon Training, Week 9

Last week was a recovery week in my training program. This worked out perfectly because I needed to taper before Ragnar Del Sol.

Monday: This should have been my rest day, but I skipped training over the weekend to celebrate my birthday in Rocky Point. I ran/walked 7.75 miles during the warmest part of the day. I could think of nothing but an iced lemonade, so I satisfied my craving with one from Luci's Healthy Marketplace afterward.

Tuesday: My birthday gift to myself was attending a Skullpt Fit class at Sutra Midtown that was taught by Vo. This was my first Fit class, and I'm so glad I signed up. It was a challenging, high-energy strength training session that included lunges, arm circles, burpees, and 7 and a half minutes of non-stop core work set to high-tempo music. Vo brings tons of enthusiasm to the class, even calling himself a dance instructor. He reminded us that we're all "getting fit, ladies!" I worked up quite the appetite, so I satisfied my hunger with a breakfast burrito from Luci's Healthy Marketplace. Later that day, Graham and I went to Runner's Den to buy me new running shoes, one of my husband's gifts to me. I'm excited to go back to running in Brooks shoes. Happy birthday to me!

Wednesday: Rest and recovery.

Thursday: More rest and recovery, as well as packing for Ragnar Del Sol! I went shopping for my snacks and did my laundry so I'd have enough clean socks and sports bras. You're welcome, teammates!

Friday-Saturday: 14.4 miles at Ragnar Del Sol! (Recap coming soon.) My average pace was about a minute shorter than it has been lately, so I was proud of that. The tough part for me was running with a cold. I felt congested and had a cough and runny rose on top of the lack of sleep that comes with the race. But for the first time I was not too sore to walk afterward. I credit my marathon and Ragnar training.

Sunday: I woke up from 12 hours of glorious sleep ready for a day of relaxation. I sipped tea from my new favorite mug, a birthday gift from my amazing friend Charlsy.

Weekly goal: 24 miles

Actual mileage: 22.15.

#1800MinuteChallenge: 1,137 so far.

February mileage: 70.81 so far.