Monday, February 16, 2015

Weekend in Rocky Point, Mexico

Graham and I spent the weekend in Puerto Peñasco, aka Rocky Point. This short trip was a celebration of both Valentine's Day and my 29th birthday. It was also an opportunity for Graham to see a town that has meant so much to me. My family is from there and many family members live there now, including my dad. Graham finally met him over the weekend. My niece also met him for the first time. Needless to say, a lot went down in less than 48 hours.

We could have stayed at my grandma's house for free, but I wanted to be near the beach. We waited too long to book a condo for a reasonable price, so we chose the Peñasco Del Sol hotel (which we booked on Hotwire). The master suite was spacious and clean, though the walls were a bit thin.

A highlight was a sunset walk along the beach. Saturday was a cloudy day, but the sun made a last-minute appearance. Shrimp boats in the water reminded me of my grandfather, who was a fisherman.

On Sunday, we went out to breakfast with my sister and niece. Mario's Cafe is located on Benito Juarez Boulevard, the main road into town, as you head toward the Old Port area. I devoured the chilaquiles, served with breakfast potatoes and beans. My only complaint was that I wished it came with more beans. (I always want more beans.)

Graham ordered pancakes, while my sister ordered huevos rancheros. Each dish was 85 pesos or less, which came out to less than $6 each. Such a good deal. For 40 pesos we got mocha and iced coffee. The iced coffee reminded me of the coffee I loved on Maui. I would order all of it again. (Our three meals came out to only $23.50.)

The rest of Sunday was spent celebrating my birthday with family. I learned both my parents make excellent ceviche and fish. We were completely stuffed. My dad also got me a birthday cake, which was smashed in my face twice by my aunt. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me!

Overall, the weekend was perfect for reconnecting both with family and Rocky Point and for celebrating my 29 years.

Happy birthday to me!