Tuesday, March 3, 2015

An Update on New Year's Goals

In a blur it has become March. Where did January and February go?

In the spirit of holding myself accountable, I'm checking in on my new year's goals/predictions. It's perfectly acceptable to adjust your expectations as the year goes on, but I'd like to show some commitment to my resolutions.

Here are my goals and how I've done up until now:
  • Run a marathon and run 500 miles.  I'm on Week 11 of training. I'm at more than 165 miles so far in 2015, which is almost the mileage I ran in all of 2014. I'd say I'm halfway there.
  • Move. We're getting closer. There are opportunities popping up. 
  • Volunteer more. I've volunteered once so far and am signed up for another opportunity this month.
  • Travel outside of the country and to (at least) one state I haven't been to yet. We have plans to visit Nashville, Tenn., when we travel to Louisville for my race, so that should check this one off. It would be nice to travel outside the country, but we don't have concrete plans yet.
  • Teach yoga again. I may have an audition in the coming weeks. I am also exploring teaching on my own.
  • Do a handstand away from a wall. I haven't been working on this lately. I hope to get back into yoga in the studio regularly, because that's where I have the support from the instructor that I need.
  • Work on a book. I'm at 10,000 words. I need to get back into it.
  • Completely unplug after dinner time. Fail. I try some nights, but it's hard to also work on promoting my blog, looking for yoga jobs, researching recipes, etc., without being on my phone.
  • Cook more. In January I tried meal planning, but I didn't keep up with it. Running has consumed my life lately, and I haven't devoted time to much else.
  • Work on my decision making. I think I've made progress.
How are your resolutions holding up?