Sunday, March 1, 2015

Marathon Training, Week 10

Last week was not the best in terms of training. I focused most of my time on getting over a cold. But the Phoenix half marathon on Saturday inspired me to get back into it. Now I finally over my cold and feeling ready to ramp up my mileage.


Monday: I rested and tried to recover from Ragnar Del Sol and my cold. I felt awful not because I was sore but because my cough and headache would not go away. I took half the day off to drink tea and rest.

Tuesday: Yin Yoga at Sutra Midtown taught by Nelly. I still felt sick, but Graham suggested that I go to yoga to get out of that mindset. I've also been told by teachers that sometimes when you are getting over something it's good to go to yoga. I made sure to place my mat away from others just in case.

Wednesday: Rest. I meant to run 5 miles, but I didn't feel like myself yet. Misunderstandings with loved ones didn't help matters.

Thursday: I debated going back to bed, but, alas, I am an adult. I started my day with a few minutes of meditation. After work I picked up my running shoes and practiced yoga at home.

Friday: I tried out my running shoes for 1.2 miles. My feet were being carried in little clouds, or at least that's what it felt like.

Saturday: 13.1 miles at the Phoenix Half Marathon. Courtney and I finished at a slower pace than our last half marathon together, but I am proud of us!

Sunday: Yoga at Lululemon at Biltmore Fashion Park. The class was challenging enough but not too rigorous for a post-half-marathon day.

Weekly goal: 22.1 miles.

Actual mileage: 14.4.

February mileage: 85.2 miles.

#1800MinuteChallenge so far: 1,442 minutes.