Monday, March 16, 2015

Marathon Training, Week 12

Last week was hectic. Graham and I made the decision to move to Chicago after receiving an official offer from his new employer. On top of that, my friend Charlsy was in town until Tuesday, and I wanted to squeeze in one more hangout before she left.

I'm not sure how our move will affect my ability to travel to Louisville to do the Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon. I wouldn't have to travel as far, but I'm not sure what Graham's schedule will be. I hope we can still make the trip.

Monday: Happy hour with my yoga friend as a belated birthday celebration and catch-up session and dessert with Charlsy. Absolutely no exercise.

Tuesday: I had a headache, so I did a little bit of yoga. By little I mean 10 minutes. I went to sleep at 9 p.m.

Wednesday: 2 miles before work. I had a long day ahead. I gave my notice at work, thinking I would be jobless soon in Chicago. Instead, my employer and I came to an agreement that I would work from home. After months of manifesting the idea, it finally came to fruition. I was so relieved and happy to see one of my manifestations come true. After work I attended a CPR/First Aid certification class. I signed up weeks ago when I was actively looking for yoga-teaching jobs. I'm glad I have this in my tool belt now in case I want to teach in Chicago.

Thursday: 45 minutes of yoga and extra core work.

Friday: My training on this day was walking around Lowe's for an hour and then packing for two hours. I believe I made my steps goal, but then my Garmin Vivosmart went dark and its screen wouldn't light up anymore. Bummer.

Saturday: I finally made it to Angie's power yoga class at Sutra. I have been signing up for this class every week, but every week I cancel because of plans, work or marathon training. I wanted to attend at least one more of her classes before we head to Chicago. I'm glad I made it. Her intention for the class was courage. She shared the Ernest Hemingway quote, "Courage is grace under pressure." This is my new mantra for the next month as we make our transition.

Physically, my yoga practice is not where it was a couple of months ago. I couldn't fully do a lot of the arm balances that I could formerly do. My handstand work has improved, though, and I can still do forearm balance. I can't remember the last time I was as sweaty as I was that Saturday morning.

Sunday: 15.5 miles. The goal was at least 17. I got a late start because I couldn't find my armband and get myself together in time. I left the house an hour later than I planned. The morning heated up quickly. I lost momentum and considered walking home. At 7.7 miles, I turned around to head back, somehow thinking I was at 8.7 miles. I realized a few miles later that I would be short, but I didn't care at that point. I just wanted to get home. I had a full bottle of water with me, which I finished at Mile 12. It was a long, hot final 3.5 miles. All I could think about was getting home to drink water. I was a tad emotional running on the canals for my last time in Phoenix before we move.

Weekly goal: 28 miles.

Actual mileage: 17.5.

March mileage so far: 40.7 miles.

#1800MinuteChallenge: 2,070 minutes so far.