Monday, March 30, 2015

Marathon Training, Week 14

Our big move fell on Week 14. I had to skip my long run of 18 miles in order to begin our drive from Phoenix to Chicago at the end of Week 13. I hope to get back on track soon.

Monday: Finished the drive to Chicago.

Tuesday: Apartment hunting in Chicago. I was too exhausted to do much else.

Wednesday: I finally caught up on sleep. Yay! I did 37 minutes of yoga that afternoon, followed by more apartment hunting.

Thursday: 3.2-mile run on Lakeshore Trail. On Wednesday night I decided I would face my fears and drive Graham to work so I could go to the lake and run. The thought of driving in the city has scared me. I don't know where I'm going, what the speed limit is, or how to parallel park. After I left his work, I returned to our airbnb rental and considered going back to sleep. Instead I forced myself to change into my running clothes. Finding parking was easier than I thought it would be. I set off along the trail along with other runners. For 30 or so minutes I felt like I belonged. That was nice.

Friday: We found out that we couldn't pick up our belongings from the storage place over the weekend; we would have to move that day. We rented a U-Haul truck in Des Plaines, where our shipping containers were being held, and transferred our things from the containers into the truck. Then we drove during rush hour to our apartment to unload what we could before it got dark. I consider it my strength training because I had to help Graham lift our furniture and heavy boxes. We had no one else to help us.

Saturday: We had family drive into town from Louisville to help us finish moving. It was such a relief to A. see familiar faces and B. have a home. The only exercise I did was carry boxes up the stairs to our apartment. I felt as though I had done 200 pushups by the end of the day. The soreness persisted for the next day.

Sunday: Graham told me it was sleeting at one point, so my long run was out the window. I was going to skip it altogether, but I managed to get 2.65 miles in before dusk. The wind felt like it was holding me back. I will have to get used to running in this weather though as a Chicago resident.

Mileage: 5.85.

March mileage so far: 53.7.

#1800MinuteChallenge so far: 2,290.

I really want to get back on track with training during Week 15. I'm planning to do two more long runs (the longest being 20 miles) before I start tapering. Wish me luck!