Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Spring Training 2015: Salt River Fields and Camelback Ranch Glendale

My favorite time of the year is upon us.

For my first spring training game of the year I reunited with friends at Salt River Fields. The Chicago Cubs were playing the Colorado Rockies, according to my ticket stub. We watched perhaps one play and spent the rest of the time catching up and eating. Don't ask me who won.

Lawn tickets were $9 plus fees.

We checked out the food options around the stadium. It was a tough decision, but I ultimately chose a Pima taco without the beef. The stand had the shortest line and was next to the lawn.

Sunday's game was the Los Angeles Dodgers vs. the Milwaukee Brewers at Camelback Ranch Glendale. I was grateful to be sitting in an actual seat in the shady part of the stadium for a change. I spotted a familiar name in the lineup: Gerardo Parra was one of my favorite Diamondbacks. Seeing him play reminded me of some of the amazing moments I've witnessed at Chase Field over the past few years.

People watching

Before Sunday's game, as I waited for my mom, I couldn't help but overhear conversations. I counted four people on their phones with friends/family yelling "Where are you?" Confusion seemed to be common when it came to figuring out which gate to meet at. One woman mistakenly referred to her location as the "third base entrance" when it was the home plate gate. I also heard people complaining about the long walk from their parking spot to the gate. Maybe it's the eagerness to get into the ballpark to enjoy the game. I get it. But I remember thinking, "It's spring training, folks. Relax!"