Friday, March 27, 2015

Welcome to Chicago

On our second day in Chicago, it hit me how different our lives are going to be here. I broke down as I walked out of a grocery store. I didn't even know the name of the store (Jewel-Osco), but I know we didn't have a loyalty card there (We do now!). It's no Bashas'.

Graham has reminded me incessantly that we're going to be OK.

I'm sitting in an airbnb rental that was not what we thought it would be, but we're making the most of it. The heater warms the loft one degree a day, so maybe by the time we leave it will hit 65 degrees. The WiFi didn't work until the second day, after several emails to the owners via my phone. But it's dog-friendly!

We drove into the city to find 30-degree weather and snow on the ground. Welcome to Chicago in the spring! I knew it would be cold here, but I thought that I wouldn't see snow until later this year. Nope. Wrong. That was followed by some lake effect snow last night.

The good news is we found a home! We hope to move in this weekend, but we have a lot to do (surprise!) before then, including possibly renting a U-Haul truck because our street is too narrow to have our shipping containers delivered. That brings me to my first lesson in Chicago: Nothing is easy!

It's an adventure.

Apartment hunting was just that. We were limited in what we could rent because we have two dogs and one of them weighs 100 pounds. Anyone who knows Taylor would say she is the sweetest, friendliest dog, but when you mention that you have dogs people just say no.

Yesterday I mentioned to Graham that we are at the "wall" phase of a marathon. We are so close to the finish but we just have to push through those last several miles. It will feel so good once we are all moved in and can finally start living.