Wednesday, March 11, 2015

We're Moving to Chicago

Be careful what you wish for.

In January I declared this the year of adventure. And now I know what our next one will be: Graham and I are moving to Chicago this month.

We have talked for a couple of years now about moving away from Phoenix, but our goal has always been to live near the Pacific Ocean. In the back of our minds, we had Chicago as an option if an opportunity arose in Graham's field, and that's exactly what happened. We know that it's a good detour along our journey.

I'm happy to support my husband in his career and am lucky enough to have an employer that will allow me to work remotely.

We don't have much time to prepare for our big move. My to-do list suddenly became overwhelming. But besides feeling a bit of stress about the quick move I am looking forward to exploring a new city and making a home there. I know I have a lot of growth ahead.

I hope you'll read along as I document our new life in Chicago.

Photo credit: Choose Chicago ®