Friday, April 17, 2015

Chicago Foodie Wish List

In addition to my Chicago tourist to-do list, I'm putting together a roundup of restaurants I'd like to try out this year. Here's what I'm craving so far:

Lady Gregory's: There's a macaroni and cheese calling my name.
Rocks Lakeview: Bagel and lox or a breakfast burrito sound like good brunch options.
Big Star: Tacos de papas and horchata sound so good right now.
Big and Little's: The beer-battered portobello sandwich sounds interesting.
BopNGrill: We've heard rave reviews, but the menu doesn't appear to have many vegetarian options. I think Graham would enjoy this place though. Done
Derby: I would probably order a veggie omelet and potatoes for brunch. The sweet corn tamale cakes sound like a delicious appetizer, and for lunch I would like a black bean burger, please.
Moody's Pub: The veggie burger and Jaker's Mark drink would be my choices.
Yolk: Santa Fe frittata minus the bacon.
Twisted Tapas: Twisted eggplant, mini crab cakes, lobster ravioli, stuffed zucchini, baked goat cheese, spicy potatoes, oh my. I want it all.
LuxBar: Truffle fries and mac and cheese because I love carbs. I want to try one of the ciders.

What else should I be eating?