Monday, April 20, 2015

Marathon Packing List

This post is more for my own benefit so that I (hopefully) don't forget anything I need on race day. The Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon is my first 26.2-mile race, and it's the first race I've signed up for that requires travel.

Photo credit: Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon

Here's what I'm packing:

Race-day outfit: I'm still deciding between shorts and tights, so I'll pack both. I'll wear my Phoenix marathon tank, which is comfortable to run in, if it's warm or a long-sleeve top if it's cold.

Energy gels.

Massage stick.

Foam roller.

Armband and earbuds.

Shoe tags.

Icy Hot for after the race.

Ibuprofen and first-aid kit.

Extra safety pins.

Extra hair tie and bobby pins.

Flip-flops for after the race.

KT tape.

Snacks and sports drinks/water for before the race and the road trip.

GoPro for Graham to take photos and video of me with.



Wet wipes and/or towel.

What am I forgetting? What do you pack when traveling for a marathon?