Monday, April 6, 2015

Marathon Training, Week 15

After missing two long runs during our move to Chicago, I was finally able to return to my training schedule. And I love my new running path!

Monday: 5.12 miles. It was finally sunny, and the run felt amazing. The wind still pushed me back a bit, but I loved the views. My pace ranged from 10:05 to 11:11, though I didn't stop my timer during stoplights.

Tuesday: I did some at-home yoga between work tasks.

Wednesday: 8.32 miles. After this workout I had already run twice as much as the previous week. I was myself again. I was filled with excitement about our new city. The sunny, 40-something degree day was perfect for running.

Thursday: I made it to a yoga class at a studio in our neighborhood. It was an hour-long Level 1-2 Vinyasa class. It's eye opening to see how yoga is taught in different places. An example: From a tabletop pose, we extended one leg behind us, brought the foot down to the ground, tucked our back toes in and pushed our heels back for a calf stretch. It's was a simple move but it felt amazing. It's something I need to be doing more often, especially between runs. And instead of child's pose we did devotional pose. The teacher smiled often and seemed to enjoy leading the class. She didn't do any adjustments, though. She played traditional music but it remained at a low volume. I forgot it was even on during class. I'm looking forward to trying new classes at this studio.

Friday: 5.85 miles. It was cold and windy again. Funny, because the days before were beautiful. I had more miles in mind but turned around when the wind became unbearable.

Saturday: No exercise. That afternoon I had a coffee date with a potential new friend at Intelligentsia on Broadway. The neighborhood was bustling on a lovely day.

Sunday: 20.06 miles on a 66-degree day. I had to take my running jacket off and run with it tied to my waist. So many Chicagoans and tourists were on the trail and at the parks to take advantage of the gorgeous spring weather. The people watching was riveting. My pace ranged from mid-10 minute miles to mid-12s at the end, when I stopped to walk a few times or to get water. I felt like I could have gone a little bit longer had I not run out of gels, so that's promising. This will be my last long run before my marathon. I now know that I can at least run 20 and run/walk the last 6.2 if needed (but let's hope that I don't need to!).

Week's goal: 34 miles.

Actual mileage: 39.29.

March mileage total: 58.82.

April mileage so far: 34.23 miles.

#1800MinuteChallenge total (until March 31): 2,355.