Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A Perfect Day for Baseball

It's foggy and 50-something degrees right now in Chicago.

 I'm daydreaming about Sunday, when the temperature reached 77.

What else is a girl to do on such a beautiful day than go to a baseball game? Sunday's Cubs game was a drastic difference from Opening Night baseball, weatherwise. The forecast predicted a beautiful day, but there was some talk about thunderstorms rolling in.

I struggle with what to wear on a daily basis, because the weather is unpredictable. I decided to wear shorts, sandals, a short-sleeve top and a cardigan, and I packed a rain poncho in my purse, just in case.

Sunshine blanketed us for most of the game, until some light rain moved in. It wasn't enough to dampen our experience though; it only lasted a few minutes. I chowed down on healthy snacks of nachos and fries with cheese and tried to learn the names of more of the players.

My companion to the game had to cancel on me two days before, so I was left scrambling to find someone to go with on Saturday. I have no problem going to baseball games by myself, which is what I did on Opening Night, but I didn't want to waste a ticket. After reaching out to a few people I hardly know, I was able to find someone. It would be a blind friend date, so I was nervous about what she would be like. To my delight, she ended up being someone I'd hang out with again. She made the conversation easy, and we had many things in common, including both being new to Chicago.

I realized that the worrying I had done before the game about finding a companion and whether it would thunderstorm was useless and unnecessary. Somehow everything works out.