Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Bringing Life to Our Place

Something has been missing from our apartment in Chicago.


It's our last name and one of our favorite things on Earth. Graham and I corrected the issue this weekend when we brought new life to our place. 

We filled our sun room with plenty of vibrant blooms.

I chose petunias and geraniums.

Graham wanted a Lobelia plant and Fuchsias.

We also started our little urban garden. We're hoping to have some hot peppers, bell peppers and basil, among other plants. I'm planning to plant some carrots as well.

And we needed a tree that will hopefully have pretty blooms. A gardenia tree looks lovely in the pot that matches our walls. Petunias surround the tree. 

We've had mixed luck with plants that we had in Phoenix. Send positive vibes for our little garden!


Our gardenia tree has its first bloom.