Monday, May 11, 2015

Buckingham Fountain

I was determined to do some exploring Saturday, but the rain threatened to derail my plans. One day earlier it was 85 degrees, but on Saturday the city awoke to 40- or 50-degree weather, wind and cloudy skies. My idea to do touristy things at Navy Pier would have to wait. I decided instead to try to see Buckingham Fountain at Grant Park turned on at the Switch On Summer event. It didn't quite feel like summer, but Graham and I enjoyed walking around downtown, strolling through the park and checking out the booths at the event.

When the wind picked up and the radar showed a looming rain, we headed back toward the L train to head home. We made a pit stop for dinner and noticed a model of Chicago in the Chicago Architecture Center. I love we just seem to stumble upon something intriguing at every turn, and I'm grateful for my exploring dates with my handsome adventurer.