Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Weekly Workout Recap

A positive byproduct of my marathon training was that posting my workouts online held me accountable and gave me motivation to power through it. A week of rest and recovery has reinvigorated my desire to advance my yoga practice while maintaining my running fitness. To that end, I'll continue sharing my weekly workout sessions, along with reflections on each week and my fitness goals.

Monday: 60-minute Level 1-2 yoga class at the studio. Highlights of the class were practicing variations of headstand and doing eagle pose, which isn't used in as many classes as I'd like.

Tuesday: Rest.

Wednesday: 40-minute yoga session at home to a video by Yoga with Adriene. I added headstand, forearm balance, handstand practice, extra bicycle crunches, pushups, side planks and shoulder stand. Also, instead of lifting the knees up into a cat variation as she suggested I added opposite arm/leg extensions and crunches on both sides.

Thursday: 1 warm, humid mile. It was my first run since the marathon. I took a moment to admire the new blooms in my neighborhood.

Friday: 60-minute Level 1-2 yoga at the studio. We held lunges for what seemed like 10 minutes. From downward-facing dog, we brought our feet closer together, lifted one leg and brought the lower foot closer to the hands, as in standing split. Then we attempted to kick our behinds with the bottom foot. I managed to get some hang time on one side, which was scary and thrilling at the same time. Then the teacher spotted me for another handstand.

Saturday: 42 minutes of yoga using the Cross-Training Class for Runners on Yoga International's website. I subbed wide-legged fold and seated forward fold in some spots.

Sunday: 1.34 miles. All I wanted to do on this chilly Mother's Day was curl up on the couch and watch "Sex and the City." But I forced myself to at least run around the neighborhood, do two laps at the neighboring university's track, and run back home. It was a short, leisurely but much-needed jaunt.  I also did this 10-Minute Core Focus class from Yoga International, adding bicycle crunches, cat/cow, handstand practice and a reclined twist.

May mileage: 2.34 miles. It's time to get back into running. I hope to do some group runs when I come back from Phoenix.

Week's yoga classes: 5.