Monday, June 22, 2015

A Rainy Cubs Game

Rain, rain, go away; I have tickets to the Cubs game today!

The forecast is calling for severe thunderstorms tonight, when I have plans to go to the game against the LA Dodgers. It's reminding me of the June 13 Cubs game vs. the Reds that was delayed for hours; it was actually the most fun game I've watched at Wrigley Field.

We had the best seats I've had yet. We were under the overhang, which kept us dry but still gave us an unobstructed view of the field, the screens, the rooftops and the city.

The energy at Wrigley is always electric, but it seemed on overdrive that weekend because Chicago was treated gorgeous weather earlier that day and because the Blackhawks were playing that night in Tampa.

The game logged about 5 innings before the rain became more intense. Lightning shot through the sky; it was met with ooohs from the fans. The thunder was impressive — and scary — as well. Who you gonna call? The grounds crew! We watched intently as the tarp was successfully rolled out.

But fans still had entertainment during the delay: the Blackhawks game was shown on the big screen, to the delight of ... everyone!

Sorry for the lousy photo!

While the experience was memorable, I'm hoping tonight's game — if it happens — will not be as eventful.