Thursday, June 18, 2015

Chicago River Architecture Boat Tour

The architecture boat tour is hands down the best activity I've done in Chicago.

Charlsy and I bought our tickets for the 75-minute Shoreline Sightseeing tour on Navy Pier after our Ferris wheel ride. I initially thought 75 minutes would be too long, but it actually felt like 30 minutes.

The tour is not only fun, but it's educational. We went on both the north and south branches of the Chicago River. The seats lean slightly back so you can comfortably see the towers. I had no idea what the difference between Art Deco or Modern or Post-Modern architecture was until the guide pointed out each building and described its style and history. I can now say that Art Deco is my favorite, and I'm not a big fan of Modern.

Tourists and bridal parties and residents waved at us as we passed underneath bridges throughout the tour. It seemed all of Chicago was on and around the river that day.

Sears (Willis) Tower

And the weather was perfect. By perfect I mean I went from being too hot to being too chilly, but for the most part it was pleasant. I would have been better prepared had I worn sunglasses and a hat, but that didn't stop me from having a good time. I hope another cruise is in my near future.