Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Indiana Dunes State Park

To celebrate our fourth anniversary together, and the fact that Graham finally had a whole weekend off, we went on a little adventure.

We drove to Indiana Dunes State Park, which was about 55 miles away from our Chicago neighborhood. We arrived to see many other people had the same plan for that day, as evidenced by the line of cars at the entrance. But finding a parking spot was not difficult at all.

We were delighted to see food trucks right next to the beach.

Rolling Stonebaker truck had many veggie options, but they only accepted cash. Sad face.

Our hike started in the marsh.

The trail is short but sandy and uphill in some spots. We found ourselves at a campground so we turned around and took a different route.

At one point you trek up a wooden staircase to the top of Mt. Tom, which isn't much of a climb. It's part of the 3 Dune Challenge. This is where I lost the lens cap to my Nikon (I think).

From Mt. Tom we took Trail 8 to the beach.

We spent some time relaxing and people-watching on the beach. Sundays outdoors are truly a gift, and they are even better with Graham.