Thursday, June 4, 2015

Royal Coffee, Chicago

There's no shortage of coffee shops in my neighborhood, or in the city. We recently tried Royal Coffee on Sheridan Avenue in Rogers Park. I loved the decor, service, coffee and food; not necessarily in that order.

I always go for the savory breakfasts. I chose a veggie omelet, toast and potato breakfast paired with an iced coffee. A way to my heart is to serve good food on mismatched dinnerware. It just feels like home.

Graham, meanwhile, always chooses the sweet breakfast options. He went with a french toast and coffee. I must admit it looked pretty delicious.

As we walked past the Ethiopian coffee shop the other day, I thought it could be a spot to work from, too. And on a recent Friday we spotted a musician performing on the patio. Perhaps you'll find me there again soon.

What would you pick, savory or sweet?