Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Sears Tower, Round 2

My second visit to Skydeck Chicago was a lot more enjoyable than the first, when Graham and I spent hours waiting amid the odors and noise of a large crowd. It only took 30 minutes sans fast pass to get to the Skydeck on Sunday. It would have been even shorter had we decided to buy tickets online.

We skipped the movie to make our way to the elevators. This time I didn't have to take the service elevators up; it was one short continuous ride to the 103rd floor. Our game plan was to head directly to one of the four clear ledges for photos. We picked what seemed like the shortest line and waited as other visitors took their photos.

My heart began to race when it became clear we were next. My legs were trembling as I walked onto the clear surface. Somehow I felt a little more comfortable sitting and lying down. I tried to forget how high up we were for a few seconds, with little success. Besides the unsettling height, it's a little uncomfortable to have people stare as you take photos, but we got through it. I walked off the glass feeling exhilarated but ready to leave.

I have a feeling I will be back to the Skydeck many more times when Graham and I have visitors. I only wish the attraction offered an Illinois resident or frequent visitor discount. See you next time, Sears Tower!

The experience added a few more grays to my hair.