Thursday, July 9, 2015

Chicago Adventure Run, July Edition

I must have used up all my luck in June, because not only did I not win at the Adventure Run, but our team lost the pacer early on and we missed most of the checkpoints. We have done well in the past by sticking with the same pacer. She usually stops at the closest checkpoints first, but she had a new strategy this month. She told us we wouldn't be stopping for 2 miles and shouted out the directions. Our team thought we had heard correctly, but we would later found out we didn't. The group that followed the pacer had varied paces; our team was toward the back. Half of our team sped up to try to catch up, but we soon lost the front of the group. We became split from our own team, too. We didn't have the map either, so we watched for orange T-shirts. We soon encountered two speedy guys who seemed to know where they were going. We tried to keep up with them to make it to two stops. I struggled to catch up. It must have been obvious, because multiple strangers on the street encouraged me with "You go, girl!" and "You got this!" We soon saw another group of runners, and they, too, were speedy. We decided to head in their direction but soon we lost them as well. We had been running with a woman who seemed to be on her own, and her plan was to head to the secret checkpoint and return to the store. We agreed to join her. By then it was 7. We found the checkpoint, at Evergreen and Dayton, and started running toward the store. I remembered I had seen a checkpoint at Weeds, so I suggested we go there. Another team member guessed that Eddie Bauer was also probably a stop again; that was our next stop. Then it was time to head back to make it in time for the raffle. We ran 4.25 miles and only made it to five stops. Two team members still managed to win prizes.

While I didn't leave with anything, I was glad I went, because lately I have lost motivation despite my upcoming half marathon. It is no longer enough to be signed up for a race; I need more inspiration. Runner's World shared a link to 101 Kicks in the Butt today on Twitter. Let's hope one of these can give me the boost I need.