Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Lincoln Park Zoo

Chicago makes it easy to get all of your steps in. That's what I thought when I took a stroll around Lincoln Park Zoo with friends over Fourth of July weekend.

All of Chicago seemed to be at Fourth Avenue Beach and the surrounding area. We rented Divvy bikes to ride along Lakeshore Trail before heading to the zoo, which has free admission. When I heard Divvy bikes are only $7 for 24 hours, I couldn't believe it. Turns out that is in 30 minute increments, so if you ride over that at one time you pay a surcharge. The ride was much like a video game; we had to focus to avoid colliding with any pedestrians and bicyclists. 

Our first order of business was to grab lunch, but we stopped to admire the lions on the way.

The majestic eagle was a must-see on the Fourth of July.

We made our way to the African animals exhibit, which is indoors. The indoor exhibits tended to be the most crowded, but I could still get a good look at the animals.

Next we checked out the rhinos. One rhino seemed to hang out by a gate, and when we saw the adjacent enclosure we noticed the rhino in there was directly on the other side. It was almost as if they wanted to be together. 

We walked over to the monkeys, but I couldn't really get a good look because of the people crowding the glass. ...

The sea lions were active in their pool. 

We walked through a couple more indoor exhibits before leaving the zoo. The primates were popular with zoo-goers.

We couldn't leave without one last photo of the view.

On my next visit I'd like to have lunch at the restaurant while gazing out at this view. Chicago, you never cease to amaze me.