Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Montrose Dog Beach

Taylor and Capone found their new favorite place in Chicago: Montrose Dog Beach.

Graham and I were nervous to take the dogs there because we weren't sure how they would behave. But we had nothing to worry about; they had a grand old time.

Capone loves to chase other dogs; he's a swift runner. He zigzags back and forth across the beach. Taylor loves to fetch her ball. Being the hefty girl she is, Taylor needs the exercise. She leaps into the ocean after the ball with Capone at her tail. He never actually goes all the way into the water to get it. He just likes to run after Taylor. When Taylor returns with the ball, she comes right to Graham or me, but she doesn't always release the ball. You have to grab it out of her mouth. When you finally get a hold of it, Taylor gets into her ready stance. She barks when she gets too impatient, as if to say, "Just throw it already!"

The pups had so much fun that they slept for hours. If only we could take them there every day ...